Production for Mass Media

Production for Mass Media

Degree: Bachellor in Production for Mass Media

Duration: 4 years

Pathway: Production for television and digital media

Mode: On-site

Coordinator: Mario Javier Troya


The Production for Mass Media program trains individuals who combine skills and technical abilities with rigorous theoretical and critical knowledge of the field, enabling them to perform efficiently in all areas of the audiovisual, radio, and television endeavors.  The program contemplates the creation of local communication products that integrate the country’s different social sectors, and the content of which is representative of those sectors, facilitating national investment, promoting exports, and solidifying our national identity in local and regional settings.  The program also studies the generation of media content in different platforms, emphasizing the narrative, assemblage, and structure of media products as determined by the characteristics of the medium and the target groups.  Other topics covered include designing, planning, implementing, and evaluating environmental communication campaigns, projects, and programs.