Energy Sustainability World Summit

The outcomes of this invited workshop-style Summit will be a strategic research agenda and international network of researchers that can be used to support energy mix Decision making in locations around the world. The focus on the Summit will be to integrate knowledge from diverse disciplines, cultures and ecological systems to focus on energy mix and sustainability. The goal is to find solutions to energy challenges in ‘fragile’ social ecological development contexts. Many such contexts are of international significance and are classified as World Heritage sites, including the Galapagos Islands. The Summit will be held in the Galapagos extension of Universidad San Francisco de Quito.



Energy is a necessity of life and a critical life-support system in both social systems and ecosystems. However, development activities requiring energy use and supply can create unanticipated problems for fragile environments. The Galapagos Islands are a microcosm of this global issue as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in a remote location with local communities and unique marine and terrestrial ecosystems. As a National Park and World Heritage Site, there are multiple stakeholders involved in finding sustainable solutions to economic, environmental, and social needs and opportunities. The need to manage significant international eco-tourism while striving to improve the quality of life for growing local communities and conserve the ancient and biologically significant flora and fauna of the islands makes the Galapagos and excellent venue to give the Summit a real World context in which to understand and address the energy mix challenges representative of similar situations worldwide.



The Summit is limited to 50 invited international participants. Those invited will be international leaders in research, business and public policy with experience and expertise in dealing with the challenges and solutions related to sustainable development and energy mix in fragile environments. 

Expertise from the fields of management, engineering, law, environmental design, sustainable energy development, economics, social sciences and environmental sciences will be represented in Summit working sessions.


Summit activities will be housed at USFQ Galapagos campus and the Municipal Convention Centre overlooking the Port of Baquerizo Moreno on the Island of San Cristobal in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.



  • Convene a group of international experts and practitioners with interdisciplinary backgrounds and experience related to energy mix issues in fragile social ecological environments.
  • Identify relevant theories and best practice contributions to the Summit’s 5 core themes.
  • Integrate thematic ideas and concepts into a strategic framework with research priorities for designing and customizing energy mix in fragile environments in different biogeoclimatic and cultural contexts.
  • Use the Galapagos Islands venue as a ‘case study’ of energy mix issues and possible solutions.
  • Create a network of international practitioners and researchers to carry forward results from the Summit for testing in a wide variety of locations, institutional, business, development and energy sector settings
  • Prepare for the larger 2016 World Summit.