Abstract Submission
Evolution, Human Sciences and Liberty

Abstract Submission

Welcome to the III World Summit on Evolution abstract submission page!

The abstract should be submitted via e-mail to gtrueba@usfq.edu.ec and vbarragan@usfq.edu.ec.

The submission dead line is April 15th, 2013.

Abstract Format


First and last name 1st author1, first and last name 2nd author.

1.- Please put an "*" in the left side of the person name that will present the work.

1Afiliation of the authors


Although there is a general consensus that the last common ancestor...

2.- Specify if you would like to present a poster or a 15 minutes talk.

3.- Please indicate the session where your poster belongs: evolution & society, behavior & environment, microbes and disease, or genome.

Poster Guidelines

  1. Size: 120cm x 90cm
  2. The names of authors should follow the format for the abstracts. The name of the author presenting the work should have an asterisk (after the name)
  3. The poster should include an abstract
  4. The affiliations of the authors should be indicated
  5. The poster should have a large fonts (read from 5 feet away), more than 20 points
  6. The poster should include a short list of references
  7. The organizers of the summit will provide you a poster number which should be placed in the upper right corner

Short Presentation Guidelines

  1. The short presentation should not be longer than 15 minutes
  2. The presentation file should be send by e mail to vbarragan@usfq.edu.ec and gtrueba@usfq.edu.ec; we will send a confirmation e-mail