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Due to an overwhelming response from scientists and students we have already met the maximum capacity of the Charles Darwin Auditorium in Galapagos. Unfortunately, we won't be able to accept any additional registration.

IMPORTANT: If you haven't paid yet the registration fee, you can still do it via the paypal buttons below.


Please note that after March 20th, 2013, fees will increase as indicated. The registration fee includes attendance to all conference sessions, all program materials, coffee breaks and fairwell cocktail. Registrants are responsible for all otheir meals, lodging and travel.


Early registration fee
(March 20th deadline)

Regular registration fee
(May 10th deadline)

Faculty & Professional

USD 300.00 per person

USD 375.00 per person

Students & Postdocs

USD 180.00 per person

USD 250.00 per person


Universidad San Francisco de Quito wants to promote the scientific development of Latin American countries, offering the following reduced fees for professionals and students:


Early registration fee
(March 20th deadline)

Regular registration fee
(May 10th deadline)

Latin American Faculty & Professional*

USD 150.00 per person

USD 200.00 per person

Ecuadorian Faculty & Professional

USD 80.00 per person

USD 130.00 per person

Latin American Students & Postdocs*

USD 100.00 per person

USD 150.00 per person

Ecuadorian Students & Postdocs

USD 50.00 per person (3)

USD 70.00 per person (3)

USFQ Students**

USD 40.00 per person (3)

USD 65.00 per person (3)

If you decided to take the charter flight Quito - San Cristobal - Quito with us, you can pay it here.

(1) For people working or studying in countries from Mexico south to Chile and Argentina, excluding Ecuador.

(2) Students from Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ that want to pay this reduced fee must contact Verónica Barragán for further information.

(3) Ecuadorian Students, Postdocs and USFQ Students:
Por favor, depositen su pago en la siguiente cuenta, escaneen el formulario de depósito y envíenlo por email a los siguientes correos:,,

Nombre de la cuenta: CPU
Banco: Banco Bolivariano
Tipo de cuenta: Cuenta Corriente
N° de cuenta: 5005024970