Club Académico de Finanzas

College of Business Administration and Economics

The USFQ Finance Club is a student academic organization of the Finance Program, belonging to USFQ's College of Administration and Economics CADE that, following the philosophy of Liberal Arts, has created a space for participation, dissemination, training, and exchange of ideas and strategies around financial issues.

About us


To positively influence the academic and professional development of its members, university community, and third parties that participate directly or indirectly in the activities, events, or projects that the club carries out.


To be the student program with the highest national and international recognition for its practice, research, impact, and contribution to the dissemination of topics in the financial field.


To develop confidence in financial and value systems through the practical education of students in a healthy environment. To promote healthy competition in an honest space for exchanging ideas and values.


To train and report on the financial area, with its different aspects and applications, in order to develop analytical skills in the community. Additionally, to research and promote the importance of finance both professionally and personally.

Areas of Activity

Trading Contests

Every year, the club organizes a trading contest open to the public in which those interested in learning about this exciting world are encouraged to sign up. The competition takes place on academic platforms that simulate the New York Stock Exchange in real-time for participants to make decisions based on the information and recent events.


The training is aimed at students and to reinforce specific knowledge to contribute to the development and improvement of their professional skills. The topics covered are excel workshops and other computer tools for data analysis.


The Finance Club talks are the link between the world of work and academia. Once a month, the club contacts companies and professionals in the finance area to share their experiences, real cases, and ways of doing and seeing things. This brings a different point of view to students and helps them learn and take advantage of professionals with a valuable career path.

Weekly Newsletter

The Financial Post: the Finance Club selects and analyzes the most relevant national and international financial news on a weekly basis in order to inform anyone who wishes to stay updated on these issues. If you want to subscribe you can do it at the following link: