Department of Writing

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

The Writing Department seeks to develop academic, professional, and creative writing skills through a wide variety of courses offered. Two courses are required as part of the General College for graduation: the first-year Spanish course Academic Writing (ESP-1001) and the English course Writing and Rhetoric (ENG-1001E). The department also offers courses in poetic writing, fiction, and non-fiction, as well as courses in speaking skills, business writing, and rhetorical theory. Overall, the department promotes writing as a pillar of liberal arts education and provides students with the opportunity to study and practice writing for personal and professional purposes. The department also offers a minor in English and a​​​ minor in translation.

The Academic Writing course (ESP-1001), belonging to the General College's plan of study, seeks to cultivate among students a critical stance regarding the texts they read and academic rigor when writing. Throughout the course, students approach various types of readings and produce properly structured academic texts through practical activities. This course is essential for students, especially during their initial training, since it allows them to generate, collect, and appreciate academic texts appropriately throughout their studies. The techniques, principles, and parameters they acquire are a basis for their future professional lives.


General College Courses:

  • Academic Writing
  • Composition and Rhetoric/Writing and Rhetoric

Writing and Rhetoric courses in English:

  • Public Speaking Techniques
  • Classical Rhetoric

Creative Writing

  • Participatory Narration
  • Creative Writing Projects
  • Introduction to Creative Writing/Introducción a la Escritura Creativa
  • Introduction to Poetry
  • Introduction to the Essay
  • Literary Translation
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