Summer School

The USFQ Summer Schools offer several globally relevant and hands-on learning opportunities for international students. Participants in the Health and Liberal Arts Program can take further steps into the health profession through our research & internship-based tracks. Participants in our Media & Design School will combine art, design, and entrepreneurship to create products & services through USFQ’s prototyping laboratory USFQ D-LAB. Participants in the Architecture Workshop in the Galápagos will understand the diverse components of Galapagos’ cultural and natural landscape and develop a proposal considering one of the learned topics.

Alternatively, students can enroll in language courses, service learning and community outreach opportunities, or participate in professional internships. These opportunities compliment over 300 courses, ranging from the liberal arts to engineering to architecture and beyond, offered as part of USFQ’s general summer term in our Cumbayá campus. All students are invited to participate in various integration events and excursions, including a trip to our Tiputini Biodiversity Station in the Amazon basin. To enroll in our summer term email Deadline to apply: April 20.

Program Module 1 Module 2 Both Modules Credits Language
Health & Liberal Arts US $ 2.150 US $ 1.900 US $ 3.850 3 or 6 English
Media & Design US $ 2.155 US $ 3.750* US $ 5.700* 3 or 6 English
Architecture Workshop in Galápagos US $ 3.600* 3 English

*includes travel to the Galápagos Islands

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Health and Liberal Arts

Students will enroll in a 6-week summer course is designed to provide a broad and integral understanding of health in the context of creative problem solving, with an interdisciplinary approach. The course is divided into two modules, the first three weeks “Health and Liberal Arts” will develop the concept of health within the Ecuadorian context and the second module “One Health” will focus on human health as a part of a shared environment with animals and the environment.

Application deadline: March 1st | Click here to learn more.


Media & Design for Sustainability and Communities

Students will enroll in two 3 week, 3-credit courses focusing on Design & Media Studies. During the first course, students will have the opportunity to re-shape biomaterials and sustainable textiles into products & services through USFQ’s prototyping laboratory DLAB. During the second course, students will travel to the Galápagos Islands to learn about sustainability and the challenges it poses to local communities. They will use design-thinking methodologies to create impact-driven solutions to address the community’s needs.

Application deadline: March 1st | Click here to learn more.


International Architecture Workshop in Galápagos

This course is planned as two-week studio in the Galapagos Islands, in which students will reach 100 hours of academic endeavor. Those hours are split in three categories: studio hours, in-field expeditions, and lectures.

This course aims to help understanding the diverse components of the Galapagos' cultural and natural landscape, it also explores how its components could be affected by the aftermath of the upcoming climatic crisis.

Application deadline: February 1st | Click here to learn more.


USFQ Summer Placements

USFQ Work Experience, Service Learning, or Research Opportunities

International students who wish to advance their professional or academic profiles can participate in 6-week individual internships or research projects. These placements will be done on an individual basis, focusing on the student’s field of study and area of interest.

Additionally, those who wish to experience life in Quito can take 3 credit, 6-week courses focusing on (1) Service Learning and Community Outreach or (2) Spanish as a Second Language. For the language course, students can also take a SIELE Exam, an international certificate that allows them to work in a Spanish speaking context.

Please contact with any questions about the program or application process.