Beca de Antropología Betty Meggers 2020

Anthropology is made up of a group of sub-disciplines that study human diversity. It seeks to understand one of the fundamental questions that humanity has posed since time immemorial: What makes us human and what makes us different from the rest of the species that inhabit planet Earth?

Anthropology is fundamental in the face of the paradox of the new times, in which the great trend towards globalization presupposes a process of cultural homogenization of the world, but it is this same trend that accelerates the processes of construction of identities, be they ethnic, gender, age, etc. Anthropology seeks to understand human diversity, the processes of adjustment of adaptations and changes from synchronous and diachronic perspectives. At USFQ, Anthropology is based on the four fields of anthropological knowledge; cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and archeology.

The Betty Meggers Intercollegiate Anthropology Competition 2019-2020 organized by USFQ's College of Social Sciences and Humanities, has as its main objective to promote the holistic study of Anthropology in order to train students with critical and analytical skills who wish to pursue the degree. Thus, the contest is divided into 2 phases, (1) preparation and delivery of the essay and resume, and (2) interview with the jury. This year, the essay topics are based on:

  • What does it mean to live in this diverse world and how does this challenge our hegemony and diversity? How do you think that studying Anthropology allows us to better understand this challenge?
  • Some of the causes of the great changes in ecosystems have been attributed to humans to such an extent that the beginning of an anthropogenic geological era is discussed. Do you think that the weight and responsibility assigned to the human goes hand in hand with the information that is available? Based on this situation, how do you think Anthropology can help to better understand climate change and its consequences?

Each contestant must choose a topic and develop the essay.

The order and structure of the writing, the communicative ability of the texts, and the strength of their arguments will be scored.

Applicable academic areas


  • Win first place in the Contest.
  • Take the USFQ Academic Aptitude Test (PAA) and obtain a minimum result of 1900/2400 by March 28th, 2020. Participants can take the exam in Guayaquil or other cities.
  • Go through the interview process with the Evaluating Jury.
  • Being a high school senior.

There is no cost to register for this scholarship.

Deadline for the announcement of the final results and winners: May 15th, 2020.

For more information contact Florencio Delgado Espinoza, Director of the Anthropology Program:

Application stages

The student must fill out the Registration Form online or at the end of this document and include it with the submission of the essay.

Stage 1: Delivery of the essay and review by the selected jury by May 2nd.

Stage 2: Personal interview with a member of the jury during the first week of May.

* Once this process is finished, the winners will be announced on May 15th.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria for applying for the Anthropology Scholarship is divided into the following scores:

Criteria Points
Academic record  20 points
Essay 40 points
Interview 40 points
Total 100 points

* Note: The academic record includes: resume, entrance exam score, and school report card.