Beca Excellence in Service 2020

Excellence in Service 2020 is a scholarship awarded through a contest by USFQ and the College of Hospitality, Culinary Arts, and Tourism to an individual aspiring to earn their Bachelor's in Hospitality and Hotel Management.

Only high school seniors or applicants who have graduated in the immediate preceding year may participate. These regulations specify the requirements that must be met to be awarded the scholarship. The process consists of the following stages:

  1. Writing a motivation essay.
  2. Test on cognitive skills, behavioral skills, and/or emotional skills.
  3. Presentation on a current topic related to hospitality before a committee made up of members of the College of Hospitality, Culinary Arts, and Tourism.
  4. Practical challenge.
Applicable academic areas

Registration process

  1. Register your data on the USFQ Excellence in Service Scholarship section. Once the registration is complete, you will receive an email confirming your registration.
  2. Take the exam during the dates scheduled by the USFQ Admissions office by March 28th, 2020.
  3. Obtain a minimum score of 1800/2400 on the entrance exam.
  4. Send an essay to with the content detailed below.

Essay Content

Essay Contents

Applicants must write an essay describing their motivation for studying Hospitality, what they are passionate about in the industry, and why they should be the winner of the Excellence in Service Scholarship.

This essay will be evaluated by considering the emphasis and passion for the profession, personal presentation, and what differentiates an individual from the other competitors.

It should be noted that this is not a theoretical essay, but an essay of personal presentation and motivation to be a winner of the Excellence in Service Scholarship. The length of the essay must be a maximum of 2 pages, Arial font, and 1.5 spacing.

Aptitude Test:

Once the essay has been delivered, the participants will receive the call for their presentations and practical challenge. Additionally, you will find a test of cognitive, behavioral, and/or emotional skills. This is a test that does not require studying in advance and can be completed from any computer with an internet connection at any time during the established timeframe.

Oral presentation

Oral presentation on a topic related to hospitality:

Each of the participants must give a presentation lasting no more than 15 minutes before the jury assigned by the College of Hospitality, Culinary Arts, and Tourism.

The hospitality industry is based on experiences; in order to achieve success within the industry, companies must take into account each of the strategic areas such as:

  • Operations.
  • Administration.
  • Finance.
  • Sales and Distribution.
  • Human Resources.
  • Marketing and Promotions.

Each of these areas are essential for a hospitality company to develop optimally. As future Hospitality students, your interest and research capacity in relation to direct or indirect factors that may influence the industry and its different strategic areas is necessary.

The theme of each presentation is the choice of each of the participants; the only approach that should be taken into account is how this relates to the Hospitality industry.

The dates of the presentations will be communicated to each of the participants after the delivery of the essays.

Practical Challenge

The same day that the applicants are summoned for the presentations, they will have an introductory class to Service and Protocol in the MARCUS restaurant, located on USFQ's premises.

After this, they must test the skills learned and their ability to adapt to situations of daily life that will be found within the hospital industry.

This challenge will test attention to detail, proactivity, friendliness, and the potential to qualify for the Excellence in Service Scholarship.


The names of the scholarship winners will be announced after the full evaluation of the various challenges. In the event of a tie, the finalists will be individually interviewed.

Winners will be announced no later than: May 20th, 2020.

Please refer any questions or concerns to:


Date or Period Activity
From: December 13th, 2019.

Through: March 28th, 2020.

Registration of information on the Excellence in Service Scholarship section.

Send proof of payment of the USFQ admissions package via email to

Date: April 10th, 2020.
Time: until 5:00 p.m.

Deadline for sending the essay.
Deliver via email, in PDF format to:

Date: April 17th, 2020.

Call for presentations and aptitude tests.

From: May 11th, 2020.

Through: May 15th, 2020

Time: to be determined.

Days will be assigned, at the convenience of the student, to carry out:

  • Presentation.
  • Practical Challenge.
Date: May 20th, 2020.

Announcement of Winner.