Loeri Program - OPI

La Oficina de Programas Internacionales (OPI) facilita la internacionalización de la USFQ. Ofrece a los estudiantes de la USFQ la oportunidad de irse de intercambio a más de 100 universidades a nivel mundial. Adicional a esto, da la posibilidad a estudiantes de todo el mundo de estudiar en la mejor universidad del Ecuador. Conecta a profesores e investigadores de otras Universidades y presenta oportunidades de cooperación. 

Para mayor información escribir a opi@usfq.edu.ec (Priscila Báez) 

How It Works

Participating students have the opportunity to conduct a research project in conjunction with a USFQ faculty member in various fields of study. The project is undertaken as a 3-credit independent study course in the field of relevance over the duration of a semester. Participants also select from USFQ classes (some of which are taught in English) in a variety of subject areas.

Participants in the L0ERI program commit to work on the research activity over the course of the semester, according to the needs of the professor and project.

Research Options

The research can be based on findings from any of the USFQ campus locations, depending on the topic and the USFQ collaborating faculty’s current projects. Potential areas of focus include ethnic identity, biotechnology, renewable energy, entrepreneurship, economic development, biodiversity, GIS, water quality analysis, structural and mechanical engineering, climate change, community health, chemistry, ecology, and many more! Students are encouraged to contact opi@usfq.edu.ec to explore possible options.


Program Requirements

A participating student must:

  • Be a full-time undergraduate student at a USFQ partner institution.
  • o Be accepted to the semester program at USFQ’s Cumbayá campus (indicate desire to participate in L0ERI program on application, including submission of additional required documentation—financial aid summary and letter of recommendation). See program requirements here.

Why Apply

  • Participants gain valuable hands-on experience with local experts, possibly resulting in the opportunity for joint research publications.
  • Undergraduates with research experience enhance their skills and employability as well as graduate school prospects for the future.
  • The opportunity to network with professionals within students’ area of study.
  • Ability to develop multicultural perspectives and even discover new career possibilities.
  • Students will gain an understanding of Ecuador’s diversity of environment, people and language.


On the USFQ Cumbayá Campus online application, check the box under Program Information that states “I plan to participate in the LOERI program” and provide the requested information. You will be contacted by USFQ with further details. Please note that five international students are selected per semester to participate, based on their application as well as USFQ faculty needs and availability.

Application Deadlines:
Fall/Academic Year: June 1
Spring: November 1

For the entire research program: US$500
Included are: 3 academic credits (transcript from USFQ*)                          

* One transcript included; extra transcripts carry additional fee.

Please contact opi@usfq.edu.ec with any questions about the program or application process.


“I’ve been exposed to a lot of research experience that would be difficult to access in the U.S.”
University of New Mexico (Biology)

“I’ve never had this much one-on-one time with a professor. It’s been really helpful. It’s great to have someone point out aspects I hadn’t thought of in my studies.”
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (Environmental Health Science)

“The hands-on experience in a different setting than in the U.S. helped me learn how to view things from a different perspective.”
Oregon State University (Bioengineering)