Undergraduate admissions

Undergraduate admissions

USFQ admits new students under different criteria. Below you can read more information on each case, according to your needs.

Admission of Regular Students:
A regular student is one who has the intention of obtaining an academic degree in one of the Academic Colleges of USFQ.

Admission of Non-Regular Students:
A non-regular student is one who is not opting for an academic degree. This status is valid for one regular academic period and can be maintained for other periods with express permission from the Admissions Office. The Non-regular Student is subject to the same admissions process and criteria as the Regular Student.

Admission of Non-regular Students for Summer:
The non-regular student for summer is one who, without opting for an academic degree, takes only certain courses in the USFQ during the academic summer.

Admission of students who have studied in other universities:
The USFQ may admit, with or without validation of credits, candidates that were students in other universities or are currently studying in another university.

Admission of Foreign Students
In order to be officially admitted into the USFQ and begin studies in any program thereof, the foreign student must have a high school degree that is recognized by the Ministry of Education or Ecuador, as well as a visa or migratory status that allows studying in the country.  A color copy of the student visa must be sent to this email address admisiones@usfq.edu.ec or be physically delivered at the Admissions Office previous to the student’s formal admittance and initiation of studies.