About the library

About the library

Located in the main campus of the Universidad San Francisco in Cumbayá, the USFQ Library is open to the university community and the public at large.  It holds a select and updated collection of books in all fields of knowledge, subscriptions to the most important scientific and technical journals, and an extensive collection of audiovisual and multimedia materials.

The USFQ Library is a depositary of the bibliographic collections of the World Bank, the Interamerican Development Bank, and the United Nations Organization.

In order to fulfill its mission of satisfying the information needs of its users with utmost quality, the USFQ Library provides appropriate and functional installations, with a public service area, reading rooms, group-study cubicles, an open-shelf area that allows free access to bibliographic material, a newspaper repository, an audiovisual hall, an auditorium that seats 90 people, and a computer network for consultation of the public catalogue, use of electronic resources, and internet access.

Opening hours

Regular semesters:

Monday through Friday: de 7h00 a 21h00
Saturdays: de 9h00 a 16h00

Summer session:

Monday through Friday: de 8h00 a 20h00

Official holidays:

Closure previously announced