Jonathan Burdette


Jonathan Burdette is a Professor of Neuroradiology at Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC, where he is the Vice Chair of Research for the Department of Radiology. Following graduation with a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University, he received his MD degree from The University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis and did his radiology residency at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His neuroradiology fellowship was at Wake Forest University where he has been ever since. He has published 94 peer-reviewed manuscripts. His current research focuses on using advanced MR imaging techniques to study the brain as a complex network. He is a founding member of the Laboratory for Complex Brain Networks (LCBN), an interdisciplinary group of scientists dedicated to using functional MRI (fMRI) to study the brain using network theory approaches. The LCBN studies how exercise, nutritional habits, beet root juice, and meditation affect the functioning brain in the elderly. Additional research interests include the effects of music on the brain, the effects of pesticide exposure on brain development in children of Latino farmworkers, and identifying a brain network phenotype that is characteristic of vulnerability to alcohol use disorder. When he is not working, Dr. Burdette enjoys performing with the local opera company and watching his three daughters perform as the bluegrass/Celtic band The Dan River Girls.