The idea of organizing the QUITEL initiated in Prof. Pullman’s office, located on the 3rd floor of the Physical-Chemical Biology Institute of Paris during a friendly conversation between the professors Pullman and Giuseppe Del Re. The topic of discussion was the role of Theoretical Chemistry in Italy, France and other countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

Apparently, the theorists where more interested in the meaning of the numeric results to associate them to physical-chemical phenomena, than in the numbers themselves. Nevertheless, the need to develop the underlying physics to such numbers concisely, overcoming the linguistic barrier, became a problem that needed to be resolved. The alternatives were: adopt a not complex language, accessible to all, or maintain each investigator’s language, increasing the fluency of the expression of ideas, but taking the risk to reduce the comprehension of the participants whose native languages wouldn’t be the same as the speaker. And the end, it was decided that this was not a problem, as in terms of scientific matter, the words in Latin languages, whether written or spoken, are so close one to another that there should not be any problem as long as people speak slowly and clearly. Therefore, the idea of reuniting French and Italian theorists, whose organization was proposed by the Prof. Del Re (Italy), along with his collaborators F. Momicchioli, A. Rastelli, B. Cadioli and L. Pincelli, came up.

The first encounter was set to occur in 1968, but due to the political issues of that time, it was postponed to 1969. The participants were satisfied with the initiative, and they agreed for a next reunion in France, with the participation of the Prof. Daudel and his Spanish colleagues, who also joined the reunion in 1970. After this encounter, the QUI(CHI)TEL took place in Granada, Spain (1971). From that moment, the Profs. Y. G. Smeyers and J. I. Fernández Alonso became active members of the international scientific committee. In 1974, Latin America joined the QUITEL (congress of Morelia, Mexico) and later, the northern countries of Africa joined as well. From 2003, the celebration of the QUITEL is alternated between Europe, Africa and Latin America.


11969Modena (ITA)Fabio Momicchioli
21970Paris (FRA)Alberte Pullman
Bernard Pullman
31971Granada (SPA)J.I. Fernández-Alonso
41972Cortona (ITA)Eolo Scrocco
Oriano Salvetti
51974Morelia (MEX)Raúl Cetina
61975Arlés (FRA)André Julg
71976Wepion (BEL)Jean Marie Andre
Georges Leroy
Raymond Daudel
81977Salamanca (SPA)Miguel Angel Herraez Zarza
Yves Smeyers
91978Stresa (ITA)Enrico Clementi
101979Géneve (SWI)Jacques Weber
111980Pau (FRA)Max Chaillet
121981Barcelona (SPA)Ramón Carbó-Dorca
131982Alghero (ITA)Massimo Simonetta
141983Louvain (BEL)Georges Leroy
Daniel Peeters
151984Viana do Castelo (POR)José Ferreira Gomes
161986Lyon (FRA)C. Barbier-Chapelet
M. Frecon
H. Chermette
171987Peñíscola (SPA)J.I. Fernández-Alonso
F. Tomas Vert
181989La Plata (ARG)Eduardo Castro
191990Roma (ITA)M. Cignitti
M. Bossa
Franco Gianturco 
201992Mérida (VEN)Eduardo Ludeña
Wilmer Olivares
211993Grenoble (FRA)A. Grand
R. Subra 
221995Pucón (CHI)Alejandro Toro-Labbe
231996Cáceres (SPA)Francisco Olivares del Valle
241998Puebla (MEX)Alejandro Palma
251999Napoli (ITA)Vincenzo Barone
262000Caxambu (BRA)Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimento
272001Toulouse (FRA)Daniel Maynau
282002Montevideo (URU)Oscar Ventura
292003Marrakech (MAR)M'hammed Esseffar
302004Porto (POR)Maria Joao Ramos
312005Isla Margarita (VEN)Fernando Ruette
322006Côtes de Carthage (TUN)Bahoueddine Tangour
332007La Habana (CUB)Luis A. Montero
342008Cetraro (ITA)Nino Russo
352009San Andrés(COL)Andrés Reyes
362010Anglet (FR)Claude Pouchan
Philippe Carbonnière
372011Riviera Maya (MEX)Gabriel Merino
Alberto vela
382012Natal (BRA)Élson Longo
Julio R. Sambrano
392013Granada (SPA)Alfonso H. Laguna
Ir Arriba


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