Advisory Board

Advisory Board

At present, the Advisory Board for TBS consists of the following individuals, all of whom are professionals directly involved with the station, its management strategies and operational philosophy as well as the evaluation of research proposals.

  • Robyn Burnham, Ph.D., specialist in paleobotany and liana ecology, based at the University of Michigan
  • Terry Erwin, Ph.D., specialist in tropical entomology and biodiversity, based at the Smithsonian Institution
  • Robin Foster, Ph.D., specialist in rainforest dynamics, based at the Field Museum, Chicago
  • Tom Kunz, Ph.D., specialist in bat ecology and conservation, based at Boston University
  • Diego Quiroga, Ph.D., Ecuadorian specialist in anthropology, based at USFQ
  • Kelly Swing, Ph.D., specialist in ichthyology, tropical ecosystems and conservation, Founding Director of Tiputini Biodiversity Station, based at USFQ
  • Ricardo Crespo, J.D., Ecuadorian attorney specializing in environmental law and policy, based at USFQ
  • Stella de la Torre, Ph.D., specialist in primate ecology and behavior, Dean of the College of Life Sciences at USFQ
  • Carol Walton, D.V.M., veterinarian with special interest in bird diversity, based in Texas.
Advisory Board
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