Logistical Support for Scientists


The role of the station in scientific investigation is one of facilitation and cooperation. Therefore, we will continue to be supportive of research efforts well beyond the permitting phase. TBS will help as much as possible with the transportation of equipment within the country of Ecuador but we cannot be held responsible for the value of such equipment, although we will obviously make every reasonable effort to ensure that it arrives safely and in good condition.

Once you have arrived at the station, we can provide a guide for your first two days, to serve as orientation to our facilities and trail systems. If you require further assistance beyond that period on a permanent basis, we will help to identify and contract such personnel for you. The station can provide some boat transportation on a local scale but each scientist should organize schedules so that special trips can be avoided as much as possible. If regular boat transportation is required, an additional fee will have to be negotiated.

Logistical Support