Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Programs

In conjunction with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, we sponsor higher education opportunities for any and all qualified indigenous students from our region. We recognize that local people have vested interests in the future of the region and want to be involved in all phases of management. By providing them with the necessary tools to argue their own positions before the government and industrial interests, they have a more powerful voice in what will happen on their traditional homelands.

Indigenous people are often seen as natural guardians of their territories but they generally need more access to information about regulations and policies that potentially affect their lives so that they may function as informed participants in the governance and management of areas like Yasuní. In many cases, funding is provided for promising young students at the high school level so that they may be more prepared for study at the university level.

Summer language courses in English, sponsored by USFQ, TBS and the oil industry have become a tradition for teenagers from some Waorani communities.

Interested students should contact David Romo about these opportunities and how they work.