Rules for all visitors


Regulations and Policies for Visitors at TBS

These rules are designed to minimize risks for visitors, costs for TBS and visitors, and to conserve the environment. Group leaders or professors have the responsibility to distribute and make these rules and policies understood.

  • Everyone is expected to behave in a way that is compatible with conservation of the rainforest. This includes proper management of trash and not harassing, collecting, capturing, exporting or importing fauna or flora, whole or partial, dead or alive.
  • No one is allowed on trails alone. No night hikes may be made without permission from the directors or managers; a staff guide must participate in all night hikes. Please respect established trails; do not modify them or make new ones. Some trails are exclusively for researchers and should not be visited by others.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be brought to TBS by any individual. No visitor may import or use any substance considered illegal by the judicial system of their home country or Ecuador. All bags are subject to searches by security personnel; violation of this regulation could have serious consequences for you and the TBS operation.
  • Due to security concerns, no camera equipment may be used between the dock area at Pompeya on the Napo River and the dock area on the Tiputini River.
  • For the purpose of managing meal preparation, declared vegetarians remain so throughout their entire stay; others cannot randomly “become” vegetarians at selected meals.
  • Everyone is expected to dress appropriately for meals (minimally including some covering of the torso). Appropriate dress is also required for swimming.
  • Individuals are financially responsible for any and all damage and/or loss that they cause to TBS property and surrounding lands, flora and fauna. This includes buildings, and other installations, furniture, laboratory equipment and field gear, linens and kitchenware among others. Carving or marking on surfaces, wooden or otherwise, natural or constructed is totally prohibited.
  • Never wear muddy boots inside any building or on porches.
  • Noise must be curtailed after 9:00 p.m.
  • TBS is a smoke-free environment. No smoking is allowed in buildings, during organized activities, or on trails.
  • Romantic relationships with staff members will not be tolerated.
  • No TBS books are allowed out of the library. For humidity control, library doors must be kept closed.
  • Only staff members are allowed inside the kitchen and storage rooms.
  • Access to towers is limited to the canopy towers built around the Ceiba trees and the water tower within the hammock house. Other water towers are strictly off limits.Access to the canopy walkway system requires the presence of a station guide and use of proper safety equipment.
  • Visitors may not act in ways that may endanger themselves or others. This refers to reckless or negligent behavior in general and includes activities such as handling potentially dangerous reptiles or other animals, consuming fungi, plants, or other organisms without permission and instruction from a competent authority, being irresponsible in boats (life jackets are to be worn at all times) or in the water (no swimming alone - ever)(also no head-first dives are to be made from docks or from boats and life jackets must be used by all swimmers), climbing trees or vines or moving beyond handrails that define canopy observation or water tower platforms, as well as any other risky acts.
  • The climbing of trees (on rope and with a harness) to access the forest canopy will be restricted to those individuals who have demonstrated sufficient experience in this activity and to those who have had this activity previously approved as part of their proposed research.
  • Laundry service for personal items will not normally be available more than once per week. Short-term visitors (less than one week) do not usually have access to laundry services. Garments will not be accepted for laundering during the last two days of any visit. Individuals are responsible for properly preparing items for this service. The Station is not responsible for items left in pockets. Students should rinse heavy mud out of clothing before delivery to the staff. To facilitate identification, mark all items with permanent ink.
  • All visitors must obtain direct prior approval from the administration for occupying staff time or for using any TBS equipment. This is understood to include guides and other employees, boats, motors, fuel, tools, laboratory supplies and equipment, computers, library materials, video equipment, projectors and all other station equipment.
  • Regulations for student projects include all the restrictions (including those for collections and exportation of specimens) for scientific research that may be performed at TBS. As stipulated in the "General Policies and Guidelines for Research at TBS", no one may perform any research, experimentation, or studies without the approval of the director or by their professor through the directorate. The only exception to the standard regulations is that short-term student projects that are part of a previously approved formal field course may be proposed verbally and evaluated (approved or denied) immediately on site by the director or manager.

Violation of these regulations and their intentions may result in fines and/or immediate and permanent expulsion from TBS with no rights to recover any previous payment for transportation, room or board.