Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ)

Established in 1988, USFQ is the only private, liberal arts institution in Ecuador. The USFQ College of Health Sciences includes the School of Medicine, Public Health including Nutrition, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine. All graduating students recieve a degree in liberal arts in addition to a degree in their major. The School of Medicine was created in 1994. Students complete a six-year undergraduate curriculum. The basic and clinical sciences are taught using a problem-based learning structure.The School of Public Health, founded in 2000, offers a Master of Public Health degree, a Master of Occupational Health degree, and three graduate certificates: Health Management, Health Economics, and Primary Health Care. An undergraduate degree in Nutrition is also offered.

The School of Dentistry started in 1997. The undergraduate curriculum is five years, including liberal arts, and students graduate with a professional degree in dentistry. The School of Dentistry also offers postgraduate degrees in Periodontics and Orthodontics.The School of Veterinary Medicine was created in 1999 and is a six year program. Students acquire hands on supervised experience in caring for large, small, wild and exotic animals.

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