Michelle Grunauer

Michelle Grunauer
Dean of the School of Medicine

She is currently the Dean of the School of Medicine. She has developed material in the area of medical education of the highest quality in collaboration with her students. A proud teacher of USFQ students, she has a broad and integral vision of health. Her academic training is extensive and she has been recognized nationally and internationally in the area of research. Her clinical practice has placed her among the most respected professionals in the area, being the first in the country to include Mental Health and Palliative Medicine in the Intensive Care Unit.

Iván Palacios, MD
Global Health Director
Head of Medical Education, Hospital de Los Valles
Iván recieved his MD from the the Universidad Central here in Quito, and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of New Mexico. He has more than 20 years of experience working in the design, implementation and supervision of Public Health and Social Development projects. He's currently a Professor in the School of Medicine here and the Director of Educational Activities in our affiliate hospital, Hospital de los Valles.

Marisol Bahamonde, MD
Coordinator for the Global Health Program.

Marisol is an alumni of our School of Medicine and is currently a Professor there as well. Marisol will co-ordinate with our outgoing students as well as assist Iván with the placements for any incoming students.

María Augusta Vélez L.
Assistant for the Global Health Program

Magu has more than 25 years experience in the administrative areas, especially in coordination, logistics, public relations and relocation fields. Magu will assist Global Health Director and Coordinator with our outgoing students as well as with the placements for any incoming students, also will provide all the assessment and support that the incoming and outgoing students may need in fulfilling their applications and along the whole process until completed and delivered for approval.

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