Wave energy resources: Wave climate and exploitation

Spectral Partitioning and Identification of Wind sea and Swell

Buoy Data assimilation in nearshore wave modelling

Storm-Source-Locating Algorithm Based on the Dispersive Nature of Ocean Swells.

Characterization of the wave conditions in the Equatorial Pacific Zone

Wave modelling in the Equatorial Pacific

OPTIEP-BCP: Optimalisering van de basiskennis over het energiepotentieel op het Belgisch Continentaal Plat.

Modelling the effects of sand extraction, on sediment transport due to tides, on the Kwinte Bank

Science and Sustainable Management of the North Sea

On the shape of nonlinear wave trains

Data assimilation on nearshore wave modelling

Management, research and budgetting of aggregates in shelf seas related to end-users (MAREBASSE)