Call for papers

Call for papers

The monographic series post(s) is an annual publication of the College of Communication and Contemporary Arts (COCOA for its initials in Spanish) of Universidad San Francisco de Quito, a private liberal arts university based in Quito, Ecuador. Its main purpose is to reflect on the discussions and debates that occur in and in-between the fields of communication and art. post(s) seeks and publishes articles both conceived from empirical and theoretical research, and written out of conceptual reflection about professional and creative practices. The fields of study cover themes that range from the analysis of media, and its cultural products, to the role that multiple artistic, creative and cultural manifestations play in the permutations of the contemporary daily living. Going through all of these concerns: the relationships and interactions between the producers and the users of the new media and digital platforms, their impact on professional practices such as journalism; organizational culture and advertising; communication design in all of its manifestations; the visual culture of cinema, animation and audiovisual products, and their relationships with the electronic and digital platforms. post(s) encourages the publication of visual essays that are relevant and innovative and dialog with any type of visual or digital material. Every edition consists of four sections.

  • Every volume may contain around 3 or 4 articles.
  • Extension: between 12 and 15 pages (37 and 46 thousand characters).
  • Academic research paper focused on the monographic series themes
Videre (¿est credere?)
  • Extension: between 6 and 8 pages.
  • It is the presentation of a visual project, this may include the project of an artist or the selection of a curator.
  • Every volume may contain around 2 or 3 articles.
  • Extension: between 10 and 12 pages.
  • Academic essays based on applied and quantitative research that work as an index of transformations in society or social behavior.
  • Every volume may contain around 1 or 2 articles.
  • Extension: between 2 and 4 pages (10 and 15 thousand characters).
  • Essays related to art practices, they may be written as first person experiences or as interviews.

Publishing processes

  • post(s) will accept articles until the January 15th 2017 for its third edition.
  • Each volume is published annually on August.
  • The article must be sent through this link.
  • The articles must be unpublished, and cannot be part of another publishing process.
  • The articles may be written in Spanish or English, and must be sent as a Word file.
  • The first page of the article must include
  • Title (in Spanish and English, 85 characters with spaces)
    • Author's information, academic degree, institutional affiliation
    • Abstract (both in Spanish and English) with a maximum length of 150 words including spaces
    • 3 to 5 keywords (both in Spanish and English)
  • The article must follow APA norms.
  • Images must have a resolution of 300 dpi and fit in an A4 size paper. post(s) holds the rights to select the images and the editorial design (or presentation).
  • All images (and similar) must be included in the text in the corresponding order, with a title, number of sequence and fonts.

Articles selection, evaluation and arbitration

  • If the articles fulfil the formal requirements, they will be listed as received within 30 days. post(s) reserves the rights to send the articles to a peer-review process, to make any formal change, and to include the accepted manuscripts in the final publication. Authors are responsible for the content of the articles

For the initial evaluation, the procedure happens in accordance to the section of the series:

  • Akademos and Radar. Peer review. At least two external peers, knowledgable on the suggested theme, will decide if the article is:
    • Publishable without changes or very small modifications
    • Publishable with a previous revision
    • Publishable with major revisions
    • Not publishable
  • The aspects to be valued will be: originality, appropriateness to the call for papers, clarity in the expression, methodological discussion, as well as the results and conclusions, and the reflections the article propose and/or provoke. If two peers disagree about the worth of a paper, a third one will settle the disagreement.

Conditions for collaboration

  • All articles must be original, unpublished, and cannot be part of another publishing process.
  • The post(s) Publishing Committee, after carrying out the peer-review process -and notifying the author of the changes through a report - reserves the right to publish the article, and to do it so in any section it deems appropriate.
  • The author will submit an abstract that does not surpass 150 words and 3 or 5 keywords that reflect the content of the article.
  • All citations in text and in the references must follow the APA format.
  • post(s) holds the right to make any formal change without changing the content of the article.