Degree: Bachellor in Finance

Duration: 4 years

Mode: On-site

Coordinator: Inova Candy Abad Arévalo


The Finance program is focused on analyzing and evaluating Ecuador’s financial setting and international financial markets in search of possible solutions that are both pertinent and innovative.  It also explores effective international tendencies, practices, and methodologies, based on the efficient management of monetary and financial resources, as well as relevant analysis of financial statements, in order to facilitate adequate business and management practices that result in decisions leading to business growth in an ethical setting which leads to social development.  Towards this purpose tools from other disciplines are employed, such as administration, marketing, and economics.

Students in this program also evaluate projects so as to determine what brings value to a company, and study the inner workings of financial markets and institutions towards the correct use of traditional and non-traditional financing resources.  This in addition to the study of stock exchanges and the banking system, which sheds light on the movement of monetary and non-monetary resources.  The knowledge base thus acquired allows future professionals to develop competencies that are specific to the occupation and that facilitate responsible performance of their work functions.