Biotechnological Engineering

Biotechnological Engineering

Degree: Engineer in Biotechnology

Duration: 5 years

Mode: On-site

Coordinator: María de Lourdes Torres


In the Biotechnology program students learn the concepts and processes that give basis to the functioning of living beings, and build on that knowledge by developing tools necessary for the creation of new products, better plants and animals, and micro-organisms with specific uses. The program’s course of study offers a broad perspective on areas such as health, agriculture, animal husbandry, chemistry, and microbiology, and thus on the application of knowledge towards the development of the country’s strategic interests, including agricultural exports, animal husbandry, mining, the oil sector, industry, foodstuffs, the medical sector, conservation of biodiversity, and environmental management. A solid knowledge base on biology, molecular biology, genetics, chemistry, and microbiology and its applications, is used in the study of different solutions to the issues presented by the field of biotechnology at both national and international scales.