Liberal Arts

Degree: Bachellor in Liberal Arts

Duration: 4 years

Mode: On-site

Academic Coordinator: Carmen María Fernández-Salvador Ayala


The Liberal Arts program affords an integral and multidisciplinary formation. Students gain knowledge in various different fields of the social sciences and humanities, as well as in natural sciences, mathematics, and languages. They can also choose a concentration within the Liberal Arts from among Sociology, Anthropology, Literature, History, Art History, Philosophy, among others. Our graduates are prepared to undertake academic research as they learn about the different research methods and their pertinence to different situations or fields of study; they also learn to design and evaluate projects. They are in addition highly capable of analysis, as well as in possession of excellent communication skills, both abilities having been developed during the entire program. Students in the Liberal Arts program can apply their knowledge in the fields of cultural management, communications, social work, among others, and many of them are interested in postgraduate studies in literature, anthropology, philosophy, history, or art history.