Postgraduate Admissions

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Postgraduate Admissions


If an applicant has already taken the EXADEP exam, this will be valid for three years to the date of start of the academic program, and may be taken into account during the admissions process.

The admission process for all applicants to the Postgraduate Program at USFQ entails two stages: application and selection.

1. Application

The Postgraduate Programs at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito aim to select the best candidates to the different masters and specialties it offers.


An application fee of 135 US$ must be paid at the Treasury Office of the USFQ, or deposited in cash or via electronic transfer on behalf of USFQ (RUC: 1791836154001) to one of the following accounts:

  • Banco Pichincha: Current Account No. 3218036504
  • Banco Bolivariano: Current Account No. 5075003350

Approach the Treasury Office of the USFQ to hand over the receipt. They will generate the corresponding invoice, with which you can retrieve the Application Packet from the Admissions Department.

If you live outside of the city of Quito, consult this link to learn how you may acquire the Application Packet.

*The fee for the Application Packet is non-refundable

Register for the Examination:

The Admissions Department will give the candidate an Application Packet that includes:

  1. An application to USFQ, which must be filled out and turned in together with a passport size photograph on the day of the exam.
  2. An enrollment document for the exam.

*There is a limited number of places for each exam date.

*You will not be allowed to take the exam if you have not turned in the abovementioned documents.

*The candidate must verify that he or she knows the specific requirements of each program (previous degrees, SENESCTY registry, work experience, age, among others).  Should you have any questions about the specific requirements, we recommend you contact the Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program that interests you before continuing the process.

*Please keep in mind that only applicants to masters programs currently being offered will be allowed to take the exam

Aptitude Exam

Evaluation of reasoning abilities and skills in mathematics, indirect redaction, and verbal aptitude.  Each one of these three components is scored over a maximum of 800 points, which means the highest possible score is 2400.  The exam is divided into five sections and has a duration of 2 hours 45 minutes.  The questions are multiple choice.

The Aptitude Exam is divided into three components:

Verbal reasoning: measures the level of development in verbal ability, as well as proficiency in the use verbal language for comprehension and interpretation of reading material.  Also examined is the interpretation of vocabulary in context and analogical reasoning.

Mathematical reasoning: exercises that require demonstration of competency in processing, analyzing, and using information for the resolution of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics and probability problems.

Indirect redaction: exercises that require mastery in the basic competencies of writing in order to recognize errors that violate assertive writing rules, at both the sentence and propositional levels, as well as in regards to paragraphs or entire texts.

English sufficiency for Postgraduate degrees

Admission to a postgraduate program at the university requires demonstration of a sufficient level of English.  Each program indicates its required level in relation to the scale established by the Common European Reference Framework for Languages.

The USFQ Department of Foreign Languages (DLE) is the academic unit that certifies this sufficiency prior to admission.  You can demonstrate sufficiency by means of:

  • Taking the exam that will be given on the same day as the AAT.  The result will indicate the applicant’s level of proficiency in English.
  • Presenting results of standardized tests TOEFL IBT or TOEFL ITP, Cambridge, that are valid at the time of application (two years from the date of examination).  The DLE will issue a certificate of equivalence.
  • If you are a student who obtained a degree from the USFQ, completed English courses will be validated, as long as the application to the program is within two years of the date of the last approved English course.

Results of the Aptitude Exam

The Aptitude Exam is scored abroad and each Academic Program will notify the applicant of the results of the exam.

2. Selection

This process is undertaken by the respective Postgraduate Academic Program. If you are selected you must hand in the following documentation:

Indispensable documentation:

  • Copies of degree and graduation certificate,
  • Official grade transcript,
  • Printed registration of degree with SENESCYT, and
  • Copy of your cedula (identity card)

Specific documentation:

Consult the web page or inquire with the Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program.

Foreign candidates

A foreign student, in order to be officially admitted into the USFQ and begin their studies in any field or program, must have a visa or migratory status that allows them to study in Ecuador.

The university will facilitate all necessary documents for obtaining the visa.  A color copy of the student visa must be sent to or be turned in at the Admissions Office prior to a student’s formal admission and start of classes.

All foreign candidates must mandatorily present the SENESCYT Registration of Third Tier Degree before starting the program, and comply with all necessary documentation thereof.