Business administration

Business Administration

Degree: Bachellor in Business Administration

Duration: On-site: 4 years / Semi on-site: 4 years

Mode: On-site / Semi on-site

Mode: On-site

Duration: 4 years

Coordinator: Marithza del Carmen Vélez Jarrín

Mode: Semi on-site

Duration: 4 years

Coordinator: Inova Candy Abad Arévalo

Campus: Galapagos Extension


The Business Administration program delves into current administrative theories, as complemented with different tools from other disciplines related to Business Administration, such as Marketing, Finance, and Economics, in order to strengthen the development of public and private organizations in Ecuador and worldwide.

Graduates of this program may become entrepreneurs or perform effectively in leadership roles within existing organizations, which in addition to satisfying national labor demand allows the creation of jobs, the development of products, services, projects, and strategies, among others, in furtherance of business administration goals.