Education Sciences

Education Sciences

Degree: Bachellor in Education Sciences

Duration: 4 years

Mode: On-Site

Academic Coordinator: Paola Nascira Ramia Cárdenas


The Education Sciences program covers: elements that influence the learning-teaching process; the different theories and dimensions of learning; evolutive development; the socio-cultural and historic context in which the field of education has developed; the country’s educational reality; and, methodologies related to educational research. Students additionally learn the application of technologies within and the administration of educational settings, approached from a constructivist and connectivist perspective. To this end, training is given on the didactics of disciplines such as the natural sciences, mathematics, arts, and reading-writing, as focused on the different levels of instruction and interests of the students. So that professionals may attain basic skills that allow them to responsibly perform their duties, other topics covered include: educational inclusion, health education, diversity, and interculturality in general education.