International Relations

International Relations

Degree: Bachellor in International Relations

Duration: 4 years

Mode: On-site

Academic Coordinator: Tamara Ann Trownsell


The International Relations program is focused on studying relations and interactions among states (which include their inhabitants and the natural environment corresponding to that territory), as well as the complexity of the global system. It covers the various political, economic, social, cultural, sexual, legal, and environmental dimensions that weave relationships between states and between different actors in the international area, such as non-governmental organizations, corporations, or civil society. Courses explore the international system comprised of nation-states, as well as lines of inquiry that question it, and fundamental principles such as sovereignty, anarchy, supranational organisms, challenges that transcend boundaries, global governance, etc. Three different levels of analysis are employed: individual, nation-state, and systemic. Although new levels of analysis are emerging, thrust forward by ontological and methodological innovations, which make the panorama more complex.