Advertising and Publicity

Advertising and Publicity

Degree: Bachellor in Publicity

Duration: 4 years

Mode: On-site

Coordinator: Ximena Patricia Ferro Aldunate


The Advertising and Publicity program in focused on the study and application of the theoretical and practical foundations of communication as applicable to Advertising and Publicity.  Our training also includes learning the usage of design tools, as well as methodologies for investigating, planning, and executing advertising and publicity campaigns, this so as to allow proposing communicative solutions directed at specific targets, taking into account the local, national, and regional context wherein the projects are undertaken.  The program additionally aims to transform the manner in which Ecuadorian companies and citizens perceive and experience Advertising and Publicity, putting forward ideas that are innovative, effective, and experimental.  This in order to supply the country’s existing and future demand for advertising and publicity by offering products, productions, and results of the highest quality.