Graphic Design

Degree: Bachellor in Graphic Design

Duration: 4 years

Mode: On-site

Pathway: Communication Design

Mode: On-site

Coordinator: Iván Burbano Riofrío

Pathway: Interactive Media

Mode: On-site

Coordinator: María Gabriela Pérez


The Graphic Design program is focused on the study and application of theoretical and practical foundations, design and interactive tools, visual communication and multimedia technologies, and research and project development methodologies, in order to propose visual communication solutions in the form of multimedia production design, web pages, educational games, video games, interactive interfaces for gaming or commercial applications, editorial products, educational and information products, etc.  These products seek answers and solutions to social, cultural, and commercial problems and phenomena.  Students are trained to be able to work independently or as part of a team in companies, organizations or institutions in fields such as publicity, marketing and digital media, corporate communications, editorial production, development and commercialization of products and services, among others.  They are also prepared to work in multi and interdisciplinary fashion so as to carry out management and leadership roles in creative projects undertaken by private, public, and non-governmental organizations.