Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Degree: Mechanical Engineer

Duration: 5 year

Mode: On-site

Academic Coordinator: Alfredo Guillermo Valarezo Garcés


The Mechanical Engineering program covers: sciences that are fundamental to the field of engineering, principally physics and chemistry; mathematical resolution of differential and integral calculus, differential equation, and linear algebra problems; physical principles, design techniques, and manufacture of machines and products; design techniques for energy and fluid systems; and, control and automation systems.  In addition, the program includes various elements that are of importance to developing the cognitive skills required by a mechanical engineer, such as: observation visits to public and private companies; theoretical and practical class projects, as well as projects aimed at developing applications that pertain to the investigation and solution of community problems; and, the undertaking of pure and applied research, for purposes of strengthening competence in reading, evaluating, and applying technical information.