​Re-entrance and Readmission

​Re-entrance and Readmission

Students wishing to request readmittance to the University in order to continue their studies must be aware that they will be subject to the academic requirements, curricular conditions, and legal provisions in force at the time of their readmittance.

Students that were enrolled in a university program in the USFQ but that have been inactive, for whatever reason, for one semester or more in the on-site or semi on-site mode, or for two modules in the same academic period in the on-line mode, must present the “Re-entrance Request Form” at the Office of Academic Affairs and Services (OASA).  Students coursing the on-line mode must send the re-entrance form to this email address oasa@usfq.edu.ec

The request may be denied.  In any case, you may only re-enter a program that is currently being offered.

The deadlines for presentation of the re-entry form to the Office of Academic Affairs and Services are the following:

For re-entry to programs in the on-site or semi on-site modesDeadline for presentation of request
First semester (beginning August)May 1
Second semester (beginning January)October 1
Summer sessionMarch 1
For re-entry to programs in the on-line modeDeadline for presentation of request
Module 1 (beginning August)May 1
Module 2 (beginning October)August 15
Module 3 (beginning January)October 1
Module 4 (beginning March)January 15
Module 5 (beginning May)March 1

If these dates fall on a weekend, they will be moved to the next working day.  Under no circumstances will requests be received or the student be allowed to start classes after the abovementioned deadlines.

An authorization for re-entrance is valid only for the semester that is noted in the re-admittance resolution.

Conditions and requirements for readmission to a program in any mode

Readmission requests will be considered by the USFQ Committee for Readmissions and Course Validation under the following concurrent conditions:

  1. That the program the student wishes to re-enter is currently being offered.
  2. That the student has no more than two readmissions into the University.
  3. That no more than five years have gone by since the date of the student’s last enrolled semester.
  4. That the student does not have three or more registrations in any single course previously taken and failed that is part of the curriculum of the program they intend to re-enter.
  5. That the student had, up to the last enrolled and completed semester, maintained a Grade Point Average according to the following table:
To re-enter:Minimum accumulated GPA/4.00 required for re-entry
Postgraduate programs (see the Postgraduate Manual)3.00/4.00
Medicine, Odontology, Veterinary, Jurisprudence3.00/4.00
All other programs offered by the Academic Colleges of USFQ (including architecture students admitted before the first semester of 2012/13)1.50/4.00

At the discretion of the Dean of the college the student is re-entering, it is possible that he or she may have to again take certain General College courses or courses from the program that were taken prior to re-admittance and that may be out of date.

Steps in the re-entrance process

These are the steps a student has to take in order to be considered for re-entrance:

  1. Print the “Re-entrance Request Form” from the USFQ web page (see this link http://formulariosacademicos.usfq.edu.ec) and complete all the required fields.  Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Should the student wish to re-enter a different program or under a different study mode, they muts fill in the “Re-entrsance Request with chance in program/change in study mode Form”.  A student will only be able to carry out up to two changes in program and two changes in study mode.

  1. Deliver the form to the Office of Academic Affairs and Services OASA, which will undertake a review of the student’s academic record and immediately inform him or her if it is possible to continue with the process.  Should the reply be positive, they will remit the case to the Committee for Readmissions and Course Validation.

Students of the On-Line Education program must scan their form and send it together with a copy of their cedula to plozada@usfq.edu.ec

  1. The Committee will undertake a detailed review of the case and of compliance with the requirements, whereupon it will issue a reasoned decision.
  2. OASA will send the student a letter informing them of the Committee’s resolution, requesting they contact that office to inform them of the conditions for re-entrance.
  3. If the student confirms their re-entrance and pays all corresponding amounts at Treasury, their initial Student Code (ID) will be activated so they can proceed to register for courses.

OASA will record an “attribute” in the student’s academic record that will keep track of his or her number of re-entrances, program changes, and changes in study mode.
If re-entrance is allowed with a change in program and/or study mode, approved courses will be validated prior to re-entrance.

Students re-entering USFQ are responsible for verifying which courses they are missing, and must take and pass in order to graduate, with their dean or coordinator.  In all cases, the applicable curriculum is that which is in force at the time of re-entrance.

Students that have been suspended due to poor academic performance must satisfy the requirements and steps mentioned above prior to their re-admittance into the same or another program.

Students that have been suspended due to disciplinary problems/violations of the Honor and Coexistence Code must satisfy the requirements and steps mentioned above prior to their re-admittance into the same or another program. OASA will verify that the student has fulfilled any applicable sanctions with the Dean of Students.


E-mail: admisiones@usfq.edu.ec
Office: Galileo Building, First Floor, Office G 100;
Telephone: 297 1821 / 297 1822

E-mail: oasa@usfq.edu.ec
Office: Galileo Building, First Floor, Office G 113;
Telephone: 297 1700 ext.1136