International Relations

General Information

CES Approval (ON-SITE MODE): RPC-SO-22-1038-0312B01-No.371-2016

Degree: Bachelor of International Relations
Duration: 8 semesters
Mode: On-site
Department Head: Cristen Dávalos O'Neill

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The International Relations major offers a complete vision and profound analysis of the existing interconnections among the global, regional, national and local levels. These interconnections are examined through political, economic, and socio-cultural perspectives. Throughout the four years of study, our students learn history, economy, politics, philosophy, law, sociology among other disciplines to later be transformed into competent analysts and agents of critical thought in the work world that seeks to navigate relations between the local and the global.

The Universidad San Francisco de Quito’s B.A. program in International Relations generates academics and professionals with multi- and interdisciplinary knowledge, ready to become involved in a globalized world, capable of handling conceptual, theoretical, practical, investigative and communicational tools about the relations among the various actors that constitute the interconnected world, the frictions that arise among them and the impact of their interactions on the local, national, regional and global levels.


  • A solid group of full-time professors with PhDs from prestigious universities in the United States and Europe with recognized work experience and teaching ability, who are dedicated to the integral development of the student.
  • A carefully designed curriculum to form well-rounded people with a wide spectrum of knowledge.
  • Academic rigor.
  • A study plan that combines theory with practice.
  • Student participation in academic, research and consulting projects in conjunction with their professors.
  • The possibility of competing at the international level with a team with a demonstrated trajectory of success in international-organization models, such as the Model United Nations in New York.
  • Exchange agreements with approximately 100 universities worldwide.
  • Emphasis on having a solid grasp of English that will help our students enter into the most competitive graduate programs in the US and globally.
  • Knowledge of a third language through the support of the Foreign Language Department of the USFQ.
  • Occupational field

    A graduate of the International Relations major at the USFQ can work successfully both in the public and private sectors.

    Several alumni work in agencies of the public sector such as the National Secretary of Planning and Development (SENPLADES), the National Secretary of Intelligence (SENAIN), the Technical Secretary of International Cooperation/Aid (SETECI), the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Human Mobility, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the National Electoral Council, the Ministry of Education, the Quito City Hall, among others.

    In the private sector, our graduates can be found in consulting and political, economic and research analysis firms. Others are working in multinational corporations with regional subsidiaries, and still others in higher education institutions such as FLACSO, UDLA, USFQ, among others.

    Our graduates can also opt for international organizations and non-governmental organizations. Various graduates work in various agencies of the United Nations or in other institutions specializing in international cooperation, such as Grupo Faro, the Carter Foundation as well as in various embassies and consulates of foreign countries.


    "Studying International Relations at the USFQ was the best academic decision I could make. Throughout my career I was able to gain theoretical and practical knowledge to help me analyze different political, economic and social issues that the world is currently facing. The International Relations major at the USFQ also opens many academic paths, so I was able to combine it with other fields like Journalism, Economy and Law. This opens a wide variety of opportunities in the labor field which include public and private sector opportunities".

    - Sofía Vaca, promoción 2009.

    "I am a diplomat’s daughter so I grew up in an environment in which politics and understanding about different cultures has always been very important. In this sense, I chose the International Relations major because I could find everything that seemed interesting to me, all in one place. I think the most valuable thing about studying this career is that it prepared me to understand always changing phenomena in such a globalized world like the one we live in nowadays. International Relations at USFQ is a career with very diverse approaches, and this gives you the academic basis to adapt the acquired knowledge in any professional field that you choose in the future."

    - Adriana Garcés, promoción 2013 Senior Analyst, Political and Regulatory Risks - Cefeidas Group (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Master's degree in Political Science, Trocuato Di Tella University (cand.)

    "I have always been interested in learning about politics, the different types of political systems, the role of institutions, understanding what role international organizations play inside the International System and understanding the factors that influence the development of a certain country. USFQ gave me the opportunity to learn about these topics, and many others that interested me. I believe that having analyzed different theories of international relations, having understood the role of institutions in a country, knowing how the electoral system works etc. allowed me to have a solid basis to understand more clearly the ways in which politics work, both locally and globally. In addition, having classes with different approaches like economics, law, sociology, etc. gave me the opportunity to enrich my analysis, including different perspectives. Based on what I learned at USFQ, I could have an idea of the area in which I would like to specialize in future."

    - Mateo Saenz Hinojosa, promoción 2015, Sub-specialization in Political Science, Master´s in Sciences in Development of Latin America, King's College London.