Digital Animation

Degree: Bachellor in Digital Animation

Duration: 4 years

Mode: On-site

Coordinator: Hugo Burgos


The Digital Animation program is established around four fundamental pillars: drawing, digital tools, the production of animated short films, and integral professional training.  The program seeks to use the language of animation to create audiovisual products that serve multiple societal roles, be it to inform, educate, or entertain. These products can take the form of animated fiction short films, animation clips as audiovisual support resources for educational purposes, informative clips for digital media, visualization of architectural projects, process simulation, among others.  These audiovisual communication products can help private companies, the public sector and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  Towards this end, the program’s objective is to professionalize the work of animation, as well as ensure that the creators of animation contribute to audiovisual production in the country.  Our animation professionals will be able to seek employment both nationally and internationally, maintaining the highest work standards.  We also want animation professionals to be entrepreneurs and set up their own animation studios, thus contributing to the transformation of productive practices in Ecuador.