Visual Arts

Degree: Bachellor in Visual Arts

Duration: 4 years

Mode: On-Site

Pathway: Visual Arts

Mode: On-site

Coordinator: Deborah Morillo

Pathway: Fashion management and design

Mode: On-site

Coordinator: Marisol Romero


The Visual Arts program is focused on the processes of artistic perception, production, reflection, and management.  The processes surrounding artistic perception include three approaches: first, the study of media, materials, and processes involved in the creation of works of art; second, a detailed and careful awareness of surroundings and of our own selves: and, third, specific spaces for the recognition of works of art in different moments of history and from diverse geographical, cultural, and gender sources.  Artistic production processes include study of the different techniques and processes that are offered by the plastic, scenic, visual, and fashion arts, both in their traditional forms and in contemporaneous and experimental proposals.  As part of the production processes we explore the development of imagination, creativity (i.e., applied imagination), and personal expression, highlighting the importance of trials, exploration, mistakes, and accidents.

Studies that promote reflection about artistic processes are tasked with considering, constructing and de-constructing the different artistic proposals found in art history, as well as those pertinent to the creations of students themselves.  Students learn to evaluate the work of others and to revise, analyze, and evaluate their own creations.

Artistic management involves all three previously mentioned aspects, but considered under the lens of the art market and/or the administration of artistic and cultural projects and products.  Our course of study is framed by the proposal that creative production is research in which students and teachers consider their own processes of perception, creation, reflection, and management as part of a complex and interrelated process that helps answer their artistic questions and needs, be they individual or collective.