Computer Science

Computer Science

Degree: Computer Science Engineer

Duration: 5 years

Mode: On-site

Academic Coordinator: Aldo Cassola


The Computer Science program is focused on the foundations of computing theory as the basis for using, designing, and developing software tools and applications.  As such it incorporates the development of applications for desktop computers and servers, as well as for mobile devices with Internet access and cloud computing.  Our course of study is aimed at serving the needs of present-day markets.

Among the subjects covered by this program are the technologies used for implementation and administration of Information Systems, such as databases and data mining, operating systems, and computer architecture and security, as well as current technologies associated with the use of mobile devices and wireless networks.  The program also covers different tools for project administration and evaluation.  Graduates of the program are trained to stay current with regards to advances in computer science, and to perform as creative agents in relation to future computer technologies.