Degree: Bachellor in Cinema

Duration: years

Mode: On-site

Coordinator: Armando Salazar


The Cinema program is focused on the theories, tools, and production and distribution processes surrounding movies, whether full-feature or short, documentary or fiction.  Based on this knowledge, the program concentrates on the techniques necessary to understand and practice the creation of audiovisual accounts.  Such techniques are specific to each field of cinema, thought complementary among them.  They include: audiovisual language, assemblage, script writing, direction, camera management, illumination, sound management, production, and post-production, for both documentaries and fiction.  In addition to such technical learning, the program also focuses on the theoretical, critical, aesthetic, and analytic aspects of cinema, understood as language and discourse.  Our programs seeks to transform the country’s cinematographic industry, from improving the training of professionals that are qualified in all areas of movie production, to advancing the commercialization, exhibition, and distribution of their work locally, regionally, and internationally.