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The Universidad San Francisco de Quito is the most important university of the most important dollarized country. We believe that it has a comparative advantage and an opportunity to investigate and work on monetary and banking theory.

Monetary theory and banking theory are as intimately related as the monetary system and the banking system; in analysis and in reality, they are a conceptual unit. That is why we believe that there are many synergies in the study of the Ecuadorian banking system together with the study of the Ecuadorian monetary system.


Our mission is a four statement

Investigate about dollarization. We believe that there is plenty of investigation work to make and to achieve a better monetary alternative. In fact, there are some fields that were never explored from monetary sociology (how Ecuadorians perceive dollarization) to a proxy of free banking

Spread dollarization: our mission is to influence to the Ecuadorian society and protect the dollarization, explaining the citizens the benefits and offering new alternatives to improve the system, although showing the critics and further threats to dollarization

Help third world countries to get into the dollarization. There are many countries in the world who can decide to implement a system as dollarization. We believe that our experience in Ecuador can be valuable for them. That’s the reason we offer ourselves to explain and spread the dollarization to other countries, political actors, academics and think tanks of the world Present the dollarization as a monetary alternative in the academic debate in the international level. As source of better money o sound money. We believe that the Ecuadorian experience with the dollarization is not well known between international monetary academics therefore is not studied.


  • To study the dollarization: to achieve it, it is planned to promote a series of papers and investigation works about the monetary system.
  • To study the Ecuadorian banking system: It is intended to promote the academic study of the Ecuadorian banking system it, specially its specific aspects within the dollarized system and the analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.
  • To promote the dollarization among the main international academic channels: It is intended to present papers and studies about the dollarization process in the international academic forums.
  • To promote the dollarization in other countries: To achieve it, it is planned to give publicity to the center in international media (especially through the Atlas Network and other types of similar alliances such as “Cato Financial, Banking Monetary policy” and “sound money”). This activity will serves as a call out to the “think tanks”, academics or other interested people from other countries.
  • To organize an annual seminar: As part of the efforts to disseminate and promote research, an annual seminar in Ecuador on banking and monetary theory will be held.
  • To defend the dollarization in Ecuador: This will only be done if needed, as dollarization might be attacked by political intentions that could lead us to worse monetary systems (evenmore in times of crisis).