College of Social Sciences and Humanities

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Welcome to the webpage of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities.  Our mission is to prepare leaders in the different fields of social sciences and humanities, with an education based on the Liberal Arts.


The Anthropology program explores the dynamics and diversities of humanity. It poses the most difficult and important question of all: what is the meaning of being a human?…+ Read on

Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts program affords an integral and multidisciplinary formation. Students gain knowledge in various different fields of the social sciences and humanities, as well as in natural sciences, mathematics, and languages. They can also… + Read on

Education Sciences

The Education Sciences program covers: elements that influence the learning-teaching process; the different theories and dimensions of learning; evolutive development; the socio-cultural and historic context in which… + Read on

International Relations

The International Relations program is focused on studying relations and interactions among states (which include their inhabitants and the natural environment corresponding to that territory), as well as the complexity of the global system. It covers the various… + Read on


The Psychology program is focused on the study of human behavior, emotions, and cognitive processes that occur when faced with different situations, as well as how such behaviors are made manifest in different contexts (individual, social… + Read on