Global Health

Global Health at USFQ

Located in South America, Ecuador, USFQ offers a Global Health opportunity for foreign students, faculty, physicians, researchers, and other allied health professionals.

The cultural and ecological diversity of Ecuador offers a variety of scenarios in the fields of Medicine and Public Health in both rural and urban settings.

Additionally, students and faculty from USFQ may find opportunities abroad in partner institution’s Global Health Programs.The Schools of Medicine and Public Health at USFQ promote the Global Health Program through academic and field activities in Andean, Amazonian, and Coastal communities in Ecuador.

Goals of Global Health at USFQ

  1. To introduce and familiarize Global Health participants with the Ecuadorian healthcare system
  2. To improve Spanish language skills through classroom instruction and cultural immersion

The Global Health Program encompasses various components such as:

  • Urban and/or rural clerkships/clinical rotations
  • Community health improvement projects
  • Medical Spanish

These opportunities will be available to medical and public health students and any student interested in the Health Sciences, at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Please review the information on each component for more information on the application requirements and deadlines.