College of Communication and Contemporary Arts

College of Communication and Contemporary Arts

We are a community of artists, communicators, educators, and media professionals, who create an interdisciplinary setting that is dedicated to training future leaders in the fields of communication, creative design, audiovisual production, and contemporary art.

Why study in COCOA?

Upon graduating, our students take with them an added value to their education: the broad vision of the world formed through the liberal arts philosophy of the USFQ, and the innovative entrepreneurial spirit of COCOA. All our programs require final projects in which students work with real clients, or must carry out public exhibitions of their work. Our students in the creative areas have successfully presented their work in Cinemark and Cine Ocho y Medio, as well as the galleries of the Centro Cultural Metropolitano, the Centro Cultural Itchimbía, the Colegio de Arquitectos del Ecuador, the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, among others.

Common College Curriculum

Digital Animation

The Digital Animation program is established around four fundamental pillars: drawing, digital tools, the production of animated short films, and integral professional training. The program… + Read on

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program is focused on the processes of artistic perception, production, reflection, and management. The processes surrounding artistic perception include three approaches… + Read on


The Cinema program is focused on the theories, tools, and production and distribution processes surrounding movies, whether full-feature or short, documentary or fiction… + Read on


The Communication program is focused on the organizational processes and public relation protocols that are used in managing and creating communication strategies for… + Read on

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program is focused on the study and application of theoretical and practical foundations, design and interactive tools, visual communication and multimedia technologies… + Read on


The journalism program focuses on studying the processes of gathering, evaluating, verifying, writing, editing, and presenting facts in communication media… + Read on

Production for Mass Media

The Production for Mass Media program trains individuals who combine skills and technical abilities with rigorous theoretical and critical knowledge of the field, enabling them to… + Read on


The Publicity program in focused on the study and application of the theoretical and practical foundations of communication, placing special emphasis on Publicity. Our training… + Read on