College of Sciences and Engineering

College of Sciences and Engineering

The College of Sciences and Engineering trains professionals that exhibit acute critical thinking skills, excellent levels of scientific and technical preparation, a humanistic formation based on the liberal arts, and solid ethical and moral principles.

The College of Sciences and Engineering of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito invites the youth of Ecuador to participate in planning and building the 21st century.  We seek to form a new generation of professionals, creators of novel solutions, people who venture into different activities, lead their fields of professional endeavor, and know how to set objective goals for themselves, looking towards the future with confidence and optimism.


The Physics program trains scientists of high technical and intellectual quality, who have solid theoretical and experimental bases, are capable of identifying and addressing science and technology problems from a multidisciplinary perspective… + Read on


The Mathematics program studies the most general structures of logical thought. It covers the abstract terms and the management of fluidity and precision in mathematical language, as well as how to interpret formulations… + Read on


The Agronomy program is focused on studying all the technological processes related to the field of agriculture, including establishing and prioritizing types of crops, use of technology, means of irrigation, and plague and disease control, as well as… + Read on

Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering program is focused on issues related to pollution and environmental degradation, which requires studies in basic and applied sciences as pertaining to the solution of environmental problems… . + Read on

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering program is focused on how to plan, design, and build infrastructure in a way that addresses or mitigates societal problems. To this end, we study the implementation of different technical solutions… + Read on

Electronics and Automation

The Electronics and Automation program is focused on methods and technology that are necessary for system automation; voice, data, and image communications; and, the optimization of devices that are constituent parts of more complex equipment… + Read on

Food Engineering

The Food Engineering program is focused on studying the creation and adaptation of new technologies in regard to the food sector, as well as the design of new products. The program covers the selection of raw materials and quality control procedures… + Read on

Computer Science

The Computer Science program is focused on the foundations of computing theory as the basis for using, designing, and developing software tools and applications. As such it incorporates the development of applications… + Read on

Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering program is focused on studying the optimization of processes and integrated systems involving people, materials, information, and equipment. It covers the operation of companies, processes, and industrial safety matters… + Read on

Mechanical Engineering

In the career of Mechanics, the fundamental principles of the sciences applied to engineering are studied, such as physics and chemistry; the mathematical resolution of problems of differential calculus, integral, differential equations and algebra… + Leer más

Chemical Engineering

In the Chemical Engineering degree, the physical and chemical phenomena of the transformations of matter are studied by means of mechanical, thermal processes or by chemical reactions at a molecular or macroscopic level… + Leer más