Department of Languages (DLE)

The Department of Languages (DL) provides language courses with the purpose of breaking down barriers, bringing cultures together and integrating students into a modern, active and globalized world. Language courses are offered in English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese and Kichwa. USFQ students can begin studying a language from a beginner's level, validate their previous knowledge of a language, or take an exam to place themselves in the appropriate level. At the end of the intermediate level of any approved language, a certificate of language skills is offered. DL also promotes exchanges between universities with various institutions with which the USFQ has an agreement, and immersion trips.

The DL Department of Languages ​​serves USFQ students and the community at large through the best programs for English as a Second Language (ESL) and other foreign languages.

As core services, DL offers a Language Placement Exam and Approvals for USFQ students. Additionally, it offers services to the community in general, to companies and to executives who require it, always guaranteeing the highest standards of academic excellence and quality.

The Department promotes exchange between universities, through collaboration with the Office of International Programs OPI-USFQ, where students can apply to an exchange for a year or a semester at one of the various institutions with which it has an agreement, breaking down barriers, bringing cultures closer and integrating as people in a modern, active and globalized world.

Every summer, DLE offers immersion programs in different countries where students can put into practice the foreign language studied at the University, increasing their linguistic and cultural knowledge.

Also, DL organizes the Summer Camp, a vacation camp in English for children and young people, where students experience learning in a playful and friendly way, taking advantage of a range of activities ranging from sports to science, thanks to the support of different areas of USFQ.

English Placement Tests

English placement tests

Placement tests help identify the USFQ level of language proficiency and proficiency the student has and what they will need to take to meet graduation requirements

English placement test for new students who are already pursuing a degree

 The placement exams will be taken online.

Steps to follow:


  • The first registration is free. If the student wants to register a second time, they must make a payment of $47 in the Treasury Department
    • Visit the main USFQ page
    • Link on the button for payments online
    • Enter the bottom language link
    • Select Foreign Language Department
    • Proceed to second attempt payment.
    • Send proof of payment to to provide access for new registration.If the student did not attend on the selected date, they must pay for the second registration.
  • Have a camera and a stable internet connection. Similarly, you must have hearing aids for the oral comprehension part of the exam.
  • Placement exams are at 2:30 p.m.
  • Install Zoom on your computer.
  • The day before the chosen Friday, an email will be sent to your USFQ account with instructions.

This semester's dates are:

201920   201930  
May June July August
Friday 8 Friday 5 Friday 3 Friday 7
Friday 15 Friday 12 Friday 10 Friday 14
Friday 22 Friday 19 Friday 17  
Friday 29 Friday 26 Friday 24  
    Friday 31  

Placement exam grades and corresponding levels:

The grade obtained in the placement exam determines the level of the English course in which the student must register, according to the following table:

Grade obtained Student must register for level:
1-35 ESL-0001 English Level 1
36-53 ESL-0002 English Level 2
54-67 ESL-0003 English Level 3
68-77 ESL-0004 English Level 4
78-86 ESL-0005 English Level 5
87-94 ESL-0006 English Level 6

Placement exams for other languages:

Placement exams for other languages are taken by previous appointment requested by email at with the following information:

  • Student's full name
  • Banner code
  • Degree program

DLE - LNE/LNA Certificate

Request your DLE certificate if you passed 4 levels of the same language (INTERMEDIATE 2)!

Certificado QR



Students who wish to homologate English levels through an international certificate must do so only in the First Semester, submitting the following documents to the Office of Academic Affairs (OASA) - or Einstein 104 - Einstein 104B files:

  • A color copy of the notarized certificate / diploma or with the seal of the college to which it belongs for homologation.
  • A copy of your identity card or passport (for foreigners).
  • Treasury receipt for a payment of $47.00 dollars for the validation process.

The certificates recognized by the DL are: International Baccalaureate (BI), TOEFL, Cambridge, IELTS, Advanced Placement (AP). Review student handbook.

Certificates cannot be older than 1 year from the date they were issued.

Las lenguas que se ofrecen son:

  • Inglés (ESL) *
  • Francés (LNE)
  • Portugués (LNE)
  • Alemán (LNE)
  • Italiano (LNE)
  • Chino (LNA)
  • Japonés (LNA)
  • Coreano (LNA)
  • Kichwa (LNA)
  • Español para extranjeros (LCL).

* Para tomar cualquier otro idioma se deberán primero superar los 6 niveles de inglés o mostrar la suficiencia de inglés al nivel B2 a través de examen o certificado.


Comprobar una suficiencia del nivel B2 en el Marco Común Europeo para Idiomas (MCER) en el idioma inglés es un requisito de graduación de la USFQ. Contamos con 6 (seis) cursos intensivos.

Conoce los idiomas ofertados por el Departamento de Lenguas. Sin costo para estudiantes USFQ


  • Francés
  • Portugués
  • Alemán
  • Italiano


  • Chino
  • Japonés
  • Coreano
  • Kichwa
  • Ruso...

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* Para tomar cualquier otro idioma se deberán primero superar los 6 niveles de inglés o mostrar la suficiencia de inglés al nivel B2 a través de examen o certificado.


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