Registration Office

The Registration Office is in charge of supervising the academic processes, maintaining the university history of all USFQ students and graduates, issuing degrees and official academic documentation, as well as the validation of subjects.

The Registration Office is divided into 4 areas: GraduationValidationsArchive, and Registration Desk.


To safeguard the academic records of the students in a faithful and reliable manner, generating quality official information through agile processes, providing excellent service to the entire USFQ community.


To be a model USFQ office in product and service innovation, focusing its efforts on the full and timely satisfaction of the needs of our students, Alumni, and community.

Virtual Office

Dear All,

In view of the restriction of access to the USFQ campus by Covid-19, any request may be made electronically.

Online course registration:
If you are an in-person student and need to register for online subjects in the second module, fill out the following Course Registration form.

Sign, scan, and send to

Keep in mind the deadlines for in-person students that appear in the USFQ Academic Calendar

Registering for third registration courses
To process a third registration, find out on our website
Registration/Academic_Services/Students, email the dean of the degree José Julio Cisneros at attaching all of the pertinent documents and await your registration.

Course withdrawal
If you need to withdraw from subjects through the Registration Counter you must fill out the Course Withdrawal Form, then sign, scan, and send to

Request for certificates:
If you need to request certificates, log onto Registration/Academic Services/Alumni, choose the option Students or Alumni/Official Certificates, review the type of certificate you require by entering the link and send your request to

Payments for certificates can be made at the following link Payment Button by attaching a payment screen in the email.
*Pending delivery mechanism

Graduation application
The graduation application along with all the required documents should be sent, signed, and scanned to

For information on validations, please email:

Thank you for your understanding.

Registration Department,



The Graduation area coordinates and carries out the graduation process together with the Academic Colleges and the USFQ administrative areas.

Its process validates the following instances:

  • Verification of registration in the Degree Unit
  • Compliance with graduation requirements
  • Issuing of Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees
  • Degree registration at SENESCYT

The Registration Office coordinates the delivery of degrees during the Graduation Ceremony. The dates and terms of this process are defined in the USFQ Academic Calendar for each academic period.


The Validation area works in conjunction with the OASA Office of Academic Affairs and Services, Academic Coordinations, Dean of the General College, and other areas, in the analysis of credit transfer for the following processes:

  • Change of Modality
  • Change of Status from Non Regular to Regular
  • Second Degree
  • Official Exchanges
  • Transfers from Other Institutes of Higher Education (IES)
  • Knowledge Validation Exams

All validation processes are governed by the Validation Parameters defined in the USFQ Student Handbook.

Registration Desk

The Registration Desk issues certificates, syllabus, official transcripts, etc. at the request of the students.

The following forms are received at the desk:

  • Withdrawals from courses
  • Registration letters for courses
  • Graduation Applications
  • Special Grade Changes
  • Final Grades

The Registration Office is the only department authorized to issue academic certificates at the request of students. Each document has the signature of the University Registrar and the dry seal that guarantees the document.

Registration Archive

The Registration Archive area receives documentation from the USFQ administrative and teaching staff. Its function includes:

  • Receiving documents for academic purposes
  • Effective handling of student information
  • Efficient provision of academic documentation

The Registration Archive preserves all academic information of USFQ students under internal institutional processes and policies.

Nuestros Servicios

Información Académica

Información Académica

Registro de materias, retenciones, significado y cambio de notas.

Servicios Académicos

Servicios Académicos

Estudiantes, alumni y comunidad USFQ.



Solicitud de graduación, emisión de títulos académicos, ceremonia de graduación y reactivación de la solicitud de graduación.



Homologación interna de materias, homologación externa de materias, homologación por transferencia de otros institutos de educación superior (IES), homologación de materias por examen de validación de conocimiento.

Preguntas frecuentes

Preguntas Frecuentes

Información sobre temas frecuentes para estudiantes, comunidad, graduación y homologaciones.

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