Mental Health Clinic

The USFQ Mental Health Clinic (CSM) was born from a joint collaboration between the USFQ Department of Psychology and SIME (USFQ Medical Systems). It serves as a training platform for Clinical Psychology students and offers outpatient psychological and psychoeducational services to our community, at affordable prices for vulnerable and underserved populations. Our clinic believes that mental health is a fundamental component of personal, academic, and professional development and, because of this, our services are aimed at increasing accessibility, information, and evidence-based treatment for our entire community. We want to eradicate the stigma associated with mental health conditions to improve social inclusion.

Mission: The CSM carries out its activity within the framework of the institutional mission of the USFQ and SIME. It provides quality mental health services based on scientific evidence, which contributes to increasing accessibility, information, support, and care to members of the community to improve their psychological and psychiatric well-being. Additionally, it contributes to the education and training of clinical psychologists with the highest standards of care and education.

Vision: The WSC considers that mental health is a fundamental component for healthy personal, academic, and professional development. The WSC promotes awareness of the importance of psychological well-being and the de-stigmatization of mental illnesses to increase access to mental health services and the social inclusion of those who suffer from it.