Dean of Students

The Dean of Students works to guarantee Student Well-Being and the integral development of the students. It is in charge of promoting an environment of respect for ethical values, in addition to carefully monitoring compliance with the disciplinary and academic honesty rules that govern the university community, and are stipulated in the USFQ Code of Honor and Coexistence.

Similarly, the Dean of Students supports the academic development of the USFQ community through different services such as:

  • Learning Center.
  • Teacher's Assistants Program.

In the emotional and well-being sphere, the Dean of Students provides support through programs such as:

  • Psychological Counseling.
  • UNIDiversity.
  • Services for Students with Special Educational Needs.

The Dean of Students also promotes social and occupational development through the following programs:

  • Campus Life.
  • Ethnic Diversity.
  • Orientation for New Students.
  • Student Government.
About Us

USFQ is oriented to meet standards of excellence at the national and international levels, so, within the functions of Teaching, Research, and Community Outreach, administrative supports allow for optimizing processes and achieving goals. It is within this framework of support and development that the Student Welfare Unit watches over the quality of life of students and of the community as a whole, through support services and extracurricular training activities in an accessible and open way to all, in an environment of kindness and trust, promoting, day by day, the ideals of Truth, Beauty, Kindness, and Freedom, which are the pillars of USFQ. To promote this integral development in the university community, the Dean offers the following student services:

Virtual Deanery

The Dean of Students ensures the well-being of students. All our services are available virtually.

Learning Center:
Do you need help with a course? All our tutors are trained to tutor on the Zoom platform. To schedule an appointment with a tutor, go to the Learning Center website and follow the instructions there.
If you have questions or concerns, email Flavio Carrera

Campus Life:
Take part in school clubs! Although we cannot meet in person, the clubs continue to participate in many activities, challenges, games, and dances online. Don't be left behind! For more information, contact Paulina Rodríguez

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Psychological Counseling:
We understand that these moments of uncertainty can cause discomfort and lead to situations that are difficult to handle. Psychological Counseling is ready to support you in the best way; It is a free and confidential service.

Program an appointment

For questions or concerns, email:

Office of Special Educational Needs:
The Office of Special Education Needs works for a fairer and more diverse University. Our academic support and monitoring services continue to be open and functioning normally.
To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions, email

Certificates of Conduct:
If you need a certificate of conduct, please email to Paulina Larco at

Complaints about the misconduct of the Code of Honor and Conviviality
Academic honesty and good behavior are important values ​​for USFQ. If you wish to report a violation of the Code of Honor and Conviviality, please download, fill out, sign, and send the complaint form with evidence of the violation to the email

Special Forms
Form to report violations of Learning Ethics (Academic Cases):

Download Form

Form to report wrongdoings of Behavioral Ethics (Disciplinary Cases):

Download Form

Thank you very much!

Dean of Students

New Students

Orientation and Integration of New Students

This activity aims to train and guide students entering USFQ for the first time in university dynamics. Their responsibilities and rights are explained to them through activities and talks. Additionally, tours to introduce university academic services and student welfare are given.

The new student orientation event is held by the Dean of Students twice a year before starting the regular semesters in August and January, with the aim that students arrive at their first day of school with the necessary information for easy adaptation to the new university environment. It is a dynamic, fun and important event where new students get to know the campus, traditions and other members of USFQ.

Who participates in the Orientation and integration of new students?

Representatives of the Dean of Students, Area Coordinators, administrative staff, and Student Orientation Leaders (LEOs)1, along with authorities (Dean, Vice-Chancellor, Chancellor, Deans and Coordinators) and professors, who actively participate in talks and activities.

To learn more about this experience visit the following photo gallery:

1 The Student Orientation Leaders (LEOs) are students who have been selected after a demanding process among all the students who are interested in participating in the Orientation and Integration of new students. The students who have been selected as LEOs participate in workshops and trainings, providing them with all the tools for this process.

Code of Honor

Oversight of USFQ's Code of Honor and Coexistence

The University promotes harmonious and friendly coexistence among its members, so if situations that obstruct the performance, development or academic training of the community are detected, these events are considered as breaches of the Code of Honor that the University has established as the guiding axis of its coexistence. At the beginning of their studies, all USFQ students agree to be honest and to respect the norms of this Code for the common welfare. In the event that there are offenses related to this Code, the corresponding sanctions or corrections will be applied.

Psychological Counseling

Through the Dean of Students' Office, this program offers short-term and individual psychological counseling to any student who requires it to overcome emotional, family, vocational, personal problems, problem management, etc. Additionally, the USFQ Department of Psychology, in agreement with the SIME Medical System and under the supervision of the Psychology professors, offers: Individual, couples, family, child, and group therapy.

What does the USFQ Psychological Counseling program consist of?

WithinUSFQ, all students can access free psychological counseling. If the student has an emotional/family or health problem, they can request an appointment for a psychological evaluation to help solve or treat their problem. For students who are on the GAIAS Campus in Galapagos, the service is offered through video calls (Skype or FaceTime).

This service seeks to serve people within the university community who require counseling or psychological help to resolve emotional conflicts or attend psychological emergencies that may arise within the Campus.

The objectives of the Counseling Program are:

  1. To ensure that students have the opportunity to access professional services that contribute to their emotional balance and thus facilitate their academic, social and personal development.
  2. To help students improve their well-being, ease their worries, resolve their crises, teach them to solve problems properly, and make decisions.
  3. To guide students on how to properly manage their time at the University and improve their study habits.
  4. To prevent and/or treat mental health problems.
  5. To properly guide students who are in doubt about their studies with a vocational orientation assessment.

Special Needs

Inclusion Program for Students with Special Needs

This program seeks the elimination of physical, attitudinal, social, and communicational barriers that students with disabilities face in order to achieve their inclusion and the full exercise of their rights. Additionally, it seeks to adequately monitor students with disabilities. It is governed by the Regulation for the Protection and Inclusion of Students with Disabilities.

Learning Center

Learning Center Program

The Learning Center Program constitutes a service that offers personalized and professional tutoring to students with the purpose of helping them immediately and effectively improve their academic level and solve problems that prevent them from taking adequate advantage of the teachings offered at the University. One of the purposes of this service is to support students in developing learning techniques to achieve academic success and excellence.

Campus Life

Campus Life Program

USFQ considers the bond between the student and the community they're part of a high priority, promoting their participation in cultural, sports, and bonding activities through clubs, conferences, courses, and festivals on campus. The Campus Life office coordinates and carries out extracurricular activities encouraging student participation in multiple recreational and educational activities that pursue the spirit of Liberal Arts.

Ethnic Diversity

Ethnic Diversity Program

The Ethnic Diversity Program aims to offer help to students who identify within indigenous culture, Afro-Ecuadorian culture, among others, especially those who show economic difficulties, who have academic merits, and who wish to study a career to contribute to the scientific, social, economic, and cultural development of Ecuadorian society. Students who participate in this program are beneficiaries of a socioeconomic scholarship.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants Program

This consists of increasing the academic efficiency of the teaching work and expanding the academic experience of students with high academic performance, by carrying out activities to support professors and researchers with the aim of promoting and training future researchers and professors.

What are Teacher's Assistants?

The TA program seeks to increase the academic efficiency of teaching work and how to expand the academic experience of students with high academic performance, through joint work between professors and students, with the aim of promoting and training future researchers and professors.

How can I apply to become a TA?
In order to become a TA, you need:

  • To be in your 2nd year or later of your university studies.
  • To have completed a minimum of 72 approved credits, and a cumulative average of not less than 3.2 at the time of approval of your application.
  • To submit the application for approval to the Dean of Students maximum two weeks after starting the activities. In case of not doing it in the established time, the hours worked will not be recognized.
  • To have the approval of the Dean of the Academic College to which the professor belongs.


UNIdiversity Program

The program is aimed at strengthening USFQ as a space of trust and security for all members of its community, in an environment of freedom and respect. For this, training and awareness activities will be developed for teachers, administrative staff, personnel and students. These activities will cover training topics in the management of the necessary tools to recognize and avoid situations of discrimination, in order to have the capacity to provide immediate support to those involved and refer them to the appropriate instances within USFQ.

GOBE Elections

Coordination and Oversight of Elections of the Student Government

Every year Elections for Student Government are held and the Dean's Office, along with the Electoral Tribunal, is responsible for monitoring the electoral process carried out by students. Transparency is monitored in the process of campaigning, elections, proclamation of results, and possession by new representatives. The Dean of Students also promotes the active participation of the Student Government in Campus events and in the different decision-making instances of USFQ.

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