Eduroam is the worldwide secure roaming wireless access service developed for the international research and education community. The wireless service allows USFQ students, professors, and staff to use the institutional email address with their username and password to access the service at any institution that is with Eduroam, be it at a National or International level.

Eduroam is an initiative included in the RedIRIS project that is responsible for coordinating the efforts of academic institutions at the national level in order to achieve a unique mobility space. A wide group of organizations participates in this mobility space that, based on a usage policy and a series of technological and functional requirements, allow their users to move between them, always having connectivity.
On the other hand, eduroam ES is part of the eduroam initiative at an international level, financed through GEANT 3, and operated by various European academic networks and TERENA. This initiative extends the mobility space to the European academic field, through eduroam Europe, and bridges with eduroam Canadaeduroam US, and eduroam APAN (Asia and Pacifico).