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The Admissions Office is in charge of selecting the best applicants to be admitted as students of the different USFQ study programs.

The objective of the USFQ Admissions Process is to attract students who, in addition to an excellent academic profile, demonstrate an inquisitive spirit framed in freedom, reflection, and curiosity and that allows them, through education, to find the balance between emotion and reason.

For undergraduate courses (in-person or mixed modality through the Galapagos Extension) and postgraduate courses, applicants who meet the admissions criteria established by the University will be admitted.



Undergraduate Admissions

USFQ manages the admissions of new students under different criteria. Below, you can learn more information about each case...

Admisión Posgrado

Graduate Admissions

The Admissions process for all USFQ Graduate Program applicants consists of two stages, application and selection....

Reingreso y Readmisión

Re-entry and Readmission

The student who requests a re-entry to the University to continue their studies must be aware that they will submit to the academic requirements, curricular conditions and legal provisions in force at the time of their re-entry...

Becas y Asistencia Financiera

Scholarships and Financial Aid

USFQ offers the Financial Aid Program to support students with excellent academic profiles, who demonstrate a need for financial aid...

Campus Tour

Campus Tour

On our Campus Tour, you will live the experience of being part of the #1 university in Ecuador and #55 in Latin America (QS World University Rankings)...

Virtual Admissions

In light of the restriction of access to the USFQ campus by Covid-19, all your requests from the Admissions Office may be resolved by various means.

If you need program information, to start your admission process, or to enroll, we are ready to guide you.

You can write to us at

We can address all your concerns on WhatsApp: 0997410135 / 0988052155

You can also contact us at 02-2971700 at any of the following extensions:

Santiago Tapia ext. 1824
Ma. Fernanda Oleas ext. 1838
María José Mosquera ext. 1091
Sofía Cadena ext. 2087
Alicia Saona ext. 1454
Maritza Mendoza ext. 2014
Paulina Andrade ext. 1825
Michelle Alvarado ext. 1408
Michelle Pons ext. 1394

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Admissions Office

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