Ethnic Diversity Program

USFQ's Ethnic Diversity Program (PDE) is unique and a pioneer in the training of professional leaders who are ethical, free, and committed to the development of Ecuador, all from indigenous groups, Afro-Ecuadorians, and other groups in the Ecuadorian territory.


To contribute to the training of professional leaders who are ethical, free, and committed to the development of Ecuador and the world.


For PDE students to become citizens of the world, committed to the defense of freedom and passionate leaders for a just, equitable society, promoters of excellence, leadership, and teamwork, all without losing their identity.

How do we do it?

The Ethnic Diversity Program provides service to all USFQ undergraduate students; indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorian, and other vulnerable minorities, especially those with low economic resources, who demonstrate academic merits and the desire to excel to contribute to the scientific, social, economic, and cultural development of Ecuadorian society.

USFQ is the only university in Ecuador to have a program organized exclusively to guarantee ethnic plurality that includes representatives of almost all the ethnic groups that inhabit the country.

The PDE has established itself as a pioneering program in the country and the region. In its 26 years of existence, starting in 1993 with 10 students, today it has more than 520 students and each year, on average, 90 new students are received.


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In order to be a USFQ student under the Ethnic Diversity Program, the applicant must take an entrance exam and meet the minimum score required for the degree program they wish to apply to. After completing this process, applicants must submit all documentation to receive financial assistance.


More Information

Ethnic Diversity
(+593 2) 297-1700. Ext. 1455/1867.



(From left to right)
Emilia Obando, Zuleyma Peña, Belén Campaña
Human Team of the Ethnic Diversity Program



David Romo Vallejo
Director of the Ethnic Diversity Program

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Vulnerable groups the PDE works with

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Advancing toward a program of academic excellence.

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Distribution by Schools

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Services we offer

  • Follow-up and accompaniment through the admissions process.
  • Interviews with the Director and Academic Coordinator.
  • Monitoring and academic advice:
  • Study techniques
  • Time management
  • Personalized academic tutoring.
  • Direct contact with professors and deans for case analysis.
  • Personal counseling and reference to psychological counseling.
  • Accompaniment in the adaptation process and crisis emergence at the beginning of university life.
  • Emotional and psychological monitoring in coordination with the Psychological Counseling office.
  • Biweekly monitoring in a personalized way
  • Accompaniment and financial support for exchanges and participation in academic events.

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